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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rain Possibilities

It's a cliche that we always say "let's do anything under the sun" and we never thought of doing anything in the rain. why does most of us don't like rain? why is everybody so lazy when it's raining? why does most people prefer summer than rainy season? I'll try to decipher the reasons for this.

Why does most of us don't like rain?
     -It's wet. it's hard to walk outside because you'll need an umbrella so you won't get wet and there will be mud all over our shoes and legs. We can't just go outside. It's such an effort whenever it rains.

Why is everybody so lazy when it's raining?
     -First the coldness of the weather makes us thing of nothing else but our bed. "Sarap matulog" is the first line i hear when the cold breeze enters a room. Nobody wants to go to work and we all just want to lay down to our sheets. Cuddle your love one or in my case, my pillow.

Why does most people prefer summer than rainy season?
     -The obvious reason is that we can't be outside our houses when it is raining. Our activities should be indoor. We can't go to the beach. We can't wear skimpy clothes is we don't want to catch a cold.

Now let us see the brighter side of the rain (isn't that so contradicting).

I know nobody wants to get soaked it the rain but haven't they heard about dancing in the rain? I know nobody wants to get out of bed when it rains but haven't they discovered that coffee and champorado is so yummy especially when the weather is cold? And who says we can't do anything during rains? Here are the list of possible activities during/in the rain:

  • Dancing in the rain (mentioned earlier)
  • Singing in the rain ( a classic)
  • Playing paper boats (love this one)
  • Cleaning your garden (my mom likes this)
  • Eating porridge ( must be my dad's recipe)
  • Movie marathon (for all seasons)
  • Reading a book (a favorite)
  • Be Emotional ( cry in the rain)
Who says it's boring?


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Have you ever felt extreme longing that you want to burst into tears? Well I had. Not for a thing not for a person but for a being beyond explanation and my imagination.

This morning was just as ordinary as the other mornings I’ve had. I did my routine and prepared to go to work. I rode a jeepney (transportation in Philippines), sat on my favorite spot and enjoy the usual flow of the rushing road.
I passed a small church and I heard a very familiar tune. I know what that tune was for, I know its lyrics word per word. They are having a Novena. I got teary eyed that moment because it hit me. It all came back, the memories of one of the milestones in my life.

As most of you might not know, I graduated BS Accountancy at a local college here in the Philippines. Honestly I didn’t like the course but as I advanced I have learned to love it. I felt that my study is not finish until I take Local Board Exam and pass it. Right after graduation I enrolled on a review class, I enjoyed it and on the month before the exams I decided to live in a dormitory.
There are lots of churches near the place I live and the school I was going but one particular church is closest to my heart. It is the parish of St. Jude Thaddeus. He is the patron saint of things most despaired   of and most of the aspiring CPA (title for exam passers) go there to pray, ask help. So I too went there almost every day. I memorized all the songs on the novena, I was very dedicated. So many things happened to me, it will be a novel if I tell it all. I didn’t pass but sure it made a mark to my life.

I titled this blog “Closer” because the moment I heard the novena song I felt miles apart from God. I know He’s always by my side but I know I’ve been neglecting him. I didn’t pray as much as I do before. I’m not talking to Him as often as I did before.  I am an ungrateful daughter and it hurts me because I let my busy schedule interfere my devotion. This Lenten season I did sacrifices but still I feel it is not enough. I don’t do sacrifices before but I pray a lot, I guess it’s better to talk to Him than hurt myself in doing penitence. I feel closer when I share my feelings and insights on my day to day experiences even though I know he watches me and He already knows what I am telling Him. I need to gather myself and be back to my spot beside God.

Lesson learned: Act now before it hit you because it might hit so hard that may not be able to handle it.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

if i was just...

this photo was taken at my work place. this only shows that a good picture can come out from anybody, anywhere and whatever clothes are you wearing. all you need is a little imagination, creativity and a lot of guts.
i know i'm not skinny like those girls who are posting their photos on the net, but who cares. i know i can do what they are doing. as long as i'm happy, well, i'm just happy.
so to all the girls out there who they say is not thin enough to pose and have a good picture and not confident to show how beautiful they can be, it's time to get out and care less about other people will say. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i barely noticed her before

i first saw her as a support role in Mean Girls.but lately she had been given lead roles in such great movies.
first was Chloe,

then Jennifer's Body then
dear john and now
 Red Riding Hood. Amanda Seyfried is really an actress to watch. she's so versatile. she's my favorite actress as of today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One of My Favorite Things

I don't know if I’m having my second childhood but i don't think i outgrew the playful side of me. I've always like toys, well, except dolls. I think dolls are too "kikay" and it doesn't suit my personality. 
So I have this eye for cars particularly mini cars. My dream car would be a Mini Cooper. 
As of now I can't buy my own Mini Cooper so I settle on matchboxes. 
So, i saw this advertisement on Facebook that they are selling Mini Cooper USB drives. It's so adorable!
I'm planning to get one but i still don't know if it is available here in the Philippines and it's peso price.
The features? It comes in 4 and 8GB, the headlights will turn on as you plug it at lastly, it's so cute!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's in The Genes

Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering


                In order to understand the subject let us first define Gene. A gene is a unit of heredity in a living organism. In simple term it is the factor that control traits of organisms. So, Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering could mean altering an organism’s normal trait.


                According to a recent development on medicine Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering can help enhance our health. It can permanently cure diabetes, heart illnesses, and even mental disorders. Whatever you want to do to your body is possible. If you want to change the color of your eyes, you can do so. Change your skin tone, suit yourself. You can mix and match your looks because you can alter your genes and do as you please.
                People will not need any vitamins or they may not healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit because we can engineer our body to make those essential substances. Through genetic engineering, we can alter our bodies to fit our environments and fit our modern societies.
                Those examples, I think are somewhat acceptable but another breakthrough according to an article that I read is that we can also alter our behavioral characteristics.
                Men are normally tough and women are normally compassionate. Genetic Engineering may change a man’s toughness to a woman’s compassionateness or vice versa. I think for this issue many issues will be resolved if men would feel and understand as a women does because we must accept the fact that women solves problems by thinking things through first before acting and men on the other hand acts first before seeing all the possible solutions. This is the natural behavior of men and women and Genetic Engineering says that we can actually change this.

                One of the primary advantages of Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering is the health benefit. Imagine curing diabetes and heart illnesses. How many lives will be saved and pockets will not be empty because of the immediate and permanent cure for those health problems. Another one is we can prevent future illnesses. We can eat whatever and as many as we can without thinking the consequences. 


                As I see it very disadvantage of Genetic Engineering is that it will make people less responsible for their body. Since they will not need anything to stay healthy because their genes are doing it for them, people may tend to abuse their body. Another one is the ethical issue. I believe that humans are human because they have limitations. Practicing Genetic Engineering is breaching those limitations. Our genes are from our parents; our parents got it from their parents and so on, so by altering it somewhat cutting the legacy of our family. I can’t imagine a family having very different traits and looks.


                At this generation, I think we still don’t need those breakthroughs. Our environment is still adaptable and we don’t yet need the help of Genetic Engineering. Since we are dealing with altering our internal structure and the nature of our body, we should study the subject carefully and because by the time that we are ready to practice this, there is no room for mistakes. It could immediately cure or immediately kill a person. We should give it some more time for assessment even though many will grab this advancement easily because of the benefits, we must think about it thoroughly because the pros equal the cons.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

something new

i was browsing at our TV and i saw something that tickled my interest. it was something "kikay" and artistic.
it's making accessories using polymers clay. it's somewhat old school because in order to make the clay hard, you have to bake it using just an oven toaster.

well, as of now i'm planning to buy my materials.

wish me luck!