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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rain Possibilities

It's a cliche that we always say "let's do anything under the sun" and we never thought of doing anything in the rain. why does most of us don't like rain? why is everybody so lazy when it's raining? why does most people prefer summer than rainy season? I'll try to decipher the reasons for this.

Why does most of us don't like rain?
     -It's wet. it's hard to walk outside because you'll need an umbrella so you won't get wet and there will be mud all over our shoes and legs. We can't just go outside. It's such an effort whenever it rains.

Why is everybody so lazy when it's raining?
     -First the coldness of the weather makes us thing of nothing else but our bed. "Sarap matulog" is the first line i hear when the cold breeze enters a room. Nobody wants to go to work and we all just want to lay down to our sheets. Cuddle your love one or in my case, my pillow.

Why does most people prefer summer than rainy season?
     -The obvious reason is that we can't be outside our houses when it is raining. Our activities should be indoor. We can't go to the beach. We can't wear skimpy clothes is we don't want to catch a cold.

Now let us see the brighter side of the rain (isn't that so contradicting).

I know nobody wants to get soaked it the rain but haven't they heard about dancing in the rain? I know nobody wants to get out of bed when it rains but haven't they discovered that coffee and champorado is so yummy especially when the weather is cold? And who says we can't do anything during rains? Here are the list of possible activities during/in the rain:

  • Dancing in the rain (mentioned earlier)
  • Singing in the rain ( a classic)
  • Playing paper boats (love this one)
  • Cleaning your garden (my mom likes this)
  • Eating porridge ( must be my dad's recipe)
  • Movie marathon (for all seasons)
  • Reading a book (a favorite)
  • Be Emotional ( cry in the rain)
Who says it's boring?


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