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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One of My Favorite Things

I don't know if I’m having my second childhood but i don't think i outgrew the playful side of me. I've always like toys, well, except dolls. I think dolls are too "kikay" and it doesn't suit my personality. 
So I have this eye for cars particularly mini cars. My dream car would be a Mini Cooper. 
As of now I can't buy my own Mini Cooper so I settle on matchboxes. 
So, i saw this advertisement on Facebook that they are selling Mini Cooper USB drives. It's so adorable!
I'm planning to get one but i still don't know if it is available here in the Philippines and it's peso price.
The features? It comes in 4 and 8GB, the headlights will turn on as you plug it at lastly, it's so cute!

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